The Dangers of Being a Lonely Leader: What Putin's Story Illustrates

March 14, 2022
Mike Stallard
Media Appearances

Today, IE Insights published my article, “Putin and the Dangers of Being a Lonely Leader.” In the article, I explain why social isolation from the pandemic and his autocratic leadership style may have contributed to three miscalculations Russian President Vladimir Putin has made and how he may be prone to making impulsive, irrational decisions in the future.

Putin is a disconnected and disconnecting leader. On this issue, American President Joseph Biden appears to be the polar opposite. Biden is supported by strong relationships and appears to embrace a leadership style that cultivates a culture of connection: pulling together the democracies of the world to oppose Putin’s attack on Ukraine, demonstrating empathy and compassion for those who are struggling, and seeking out different perspectives by working with people, including those from the opposing political party, who don’t share his exact beliefs.

I’m not giving a blanket endorsement of everything related to President Biden, but the American president and his leadership team are going to be more effective over time, in part because, as I explain in the article, autocratic leaders like Putin operate in work cultures of control that sabotage optimal decision-making.

You can read the full article on the IE Insights website.

Image courtesy of Pixabay user DimitroSevastapol

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