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CONNECTION CULTURE really captures the why and how to mobilize an organization to work together toward a compelling vision. The insights about the unique contributions of the leader and the leadership team are especially useful.”

Alan Mulally, Retired CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes & Ford Motor Company
A Connection Culture is the key driver in beating burnout, increasing employee retention and elevating engagement. Our simple, actionable framework will help you sustain high performance in three ways.


To align behavior with goals,  communicate a VISION of where you're going, why it's important to get there, how you're going to get there and each individual's role.


To increase employee engagement and retention, VALUE people as individuals rather than treat them as mere means to an end.


To boost collaboration and innovation, give people a VOICE to share their ideas and opinions so it creates psychological safety and a marketplace of ideas.

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it's time to change the way we work.

Struggling with engagement at work? You’re far from alone. In fact, 87% of workers around the world aren’t motivated to give their best at work. Why? They don’t feel seen, valued or heard in their workplace. They don’t feel connected. The COVID-19 global pandemic made matters worse.

We’re experiencing a connection crisis.

Gallup reports that only 33% of U.S. workers were engaged in 2023, 50% were not engaged ("quiet quitting") and 16% were actively disengaged ("loud quitting"). There is a personal cost to being disengaged, emotionally and physically. And when two-thirds of U.S. workers are disengaged, there is also a national cost. Gallup's reporting states that disengaged employees account for approximately $1.9 trillion in lost productivity. Disengaged workers carry their stress and frustration with them when they leave work and that impacts those around them as well.

Consider this. As a society, we are spending 45% less time with friends. Only 30% of us have a best friend at work.
And guess what? We spend one-third of our life at work.

Our world has become a lonely, disconnected place. We truly believe this is one reason why 47% of Americans are struggling with some form of addiction and 61% of Americans report feeling lonely. Disconnection is also the underlying reason why many organizations never reach their full potential.

We can do better — and for the sake of society, we should do better.

Workplace cultures rooted in the command-and-control ways of the Industrial Revolution are out-of-date. With consistently low and unacceptable employee engagement levels for the last 20+ years, it's clearly time for a new approach.

Meaningful human connection at work is the biggest driver of employee engagement, as demonstrated by research. Engaged employees = healthy, high-performing organizations.

What makes Connection Culture Group so different?

At Connection Culture Group, we are unique in focusing on the experience of connection as the means to improve employee engagement. We help you make connection your competitive advantage by increasing employees’ connection to their work, their colleagues and the overall organization. If people on your team or in your organization aren't performing up to their potential, don't worry. We're here to give you a fresh start. Or maybe your group is heading into a time of change and you know that promoting a healthy culture will be vital to get through the transition.

Do you want to build a vibrant work culture — the kind to which people are proud to belong and happily give their best efforts? We've identified seven universal human needs that people have in order to thrive at work and feel engaged.
With those in mind, we'll work with you on developing attitudes, uses of language and behaviors that,
in meeting those needs, enhance connection.

If you are looking to make an impact and take business to the next level, let's connect.

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“A Connection Culture is the pathway that servant leaders can use to not
only enhance performance, but more importantly to build a strong culture.”

—Howard Behar, Former President, Starbucks International
“The Connection Culture strategy is a game changer for leaders.”

—Vernon Clark, Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Former Chief of Naval Operations
“Connection Culture is right on target and a book that every leader should race to get his or her hands on.”

—Karla R. Peters-Van Havel, PhD., Chief Operating Officer & President, Institute for Management Studies
“Connection Culture lays out a compelling case for a culture of connection in every organization, and provides a framework for leaders who want to apply positive personal values in practice in their organizations and teams.”

—John Young, Group President, Chief Business Officer
“One theme runs through all our achievements. That theme is TCU's culture of unity, connection and community.”

—Victor Boschini, Chancellor, Texas Christian University
“Building a culture around connection is essential for success.  It is incumbent upon leaders to recognize the power of this work.”

—Jay Morris, PhD, JD, MA Vice President, Education & Executive Director Institute for Excellence Yale New Haven Health

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