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to new levels of engagement and performance.

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CONNECTION CULTURE really captures the why and how to mobilize an organization to work together toward a compelling vision. The insights about the unique contributions of the leader and the leadership team are especially useful.”

-Alan Mulally, Retired CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and the Ford Motor Company
A Connection Culture is the key driver in beating burnout, increasing employee retention and elevating engagement. Our simple, actionable framework will help you sustain high performance in three ways.


Create a shared identity and
cultivate collaboration.


Create shared empathy and unlock the intrinsic motivation of your people.


Create a shared understanding and stimulate innovation.

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What Makes Connection CulturE GROUP So Different?

Struggling with engagement at work? You’re far from alone. In fact, 87% of workers around the world aren’t motivated to give their best at work. Why? They don’t feel seen, heard, or valued in their workplace. They don’t feel connected. The COVID-19 global pandemic has made matters worse.

We’re experiencing a connection crisis.

Research demonstrates that meaningful human connection at work is the biggest driver of employee engagement. Engaged employees = healthy, high-performing organizations.  At Connection Culture Group, we are unique in focusing on the experience of connection as the means to improve employee engagement.  We help you make connection your competitive advantage by increasing employees’ connection to their work, their colleagues, and the overall organization.

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“A Connection Culture is the pathway that servant leaders can use to not
only enhance performance, but more importantly to build a strong culture.”

—Howard Behar, Former President, Starbucks International
“The Connection Culture strategy is a game changer for leaders.”

—Vernon Clark, Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Former Chief of Naval Operations
“Connection Culture is right on target and a book that every leader should race to get his or her hands on.”

—Karla R. Peters-Van Havel, PhD., Chief Operating Officer & President, Institute for Management Studies
“Connection Culture lays out a compelling case for a culture of connection in every organization, and provides a framework for leaders who want to apply positive personal values in practice in their organizations and teams.”

—John Young, Group President, Chief Business Officer
“One theme runs through all our achievements. That theme is TCU's culture of unity, connection and community.”

—Victor Boschini, Chancellor, Texas Christian University
“Building a culture around connection is essential for success.  It is incumbent upon leaders to recognize the power of this work.”

—Jay Morris, PhD, JD, MA Vice President, Education & Executive Director Institute for Excellence Yale New Haven Health


Our goal is to come alongside you each step of the way, to ensure your success in developing a Connection Culture. That’s why we’ve developed a process that is designed to help you own the Connection Culture strategy. Our five-phase process, outlined below, integrates live training, online learning groups, and our proprietary assessment.

5 phases


In our keynote speeches, half-day, and one-day interactive workshops, we teach participants about leadership, teamwork, productivity, innovation and employee engagement based on our proprietary Connection Culture model. Workshops are highly participative and managers and individual contributors always take away specific actions they can use to increase connection in their organizations.

In this first phase, we want to get to know you by providing a live workshop for your key leaders. Connecting in person will help us better understand your unique challenges so we can work with you to map out the Connection Culture process for your organization.


Most organizations don’t know whether their teams have a culture of control, indifference, or connection.  We provide a state-of-the-art assessment of a team’s culture, so you can develop a customized action plan to create a Connection Culture.

Gain deep insight into how strategic initiatives impact the culture of your organization, empowering you to sustain high performance.

Laser in on the culture issues that need to be addressed so you can effectively execute your strategy.

Develop a plan for each team to minimize control and indifference, and maximize connection, promoting deep engagement throughout the organization.

Get specific coaching tips on practices that drive a Connection Culture.

In this second phase, you’ll get a GPS reading on your team’s culture. We’ll help you deploy our proprietary Connection Culture Inventory, providing you actionable insights into each team’s culture.  We’ll work with you to identify your strengths and gaps, and to develop a customized Connection Culture plan.


Most organizations struggle to get everyone fully engaged and don’t know where to start.  We developed online learning groups that help you build a Connection Culture so you can break through to new levels of engagement and performance.

Our online learning groups provide a blueprint for building a Connection Culture that creates Vision, Value, and Voice for everyone in the organization.  

We believe transformational learning happens when learners feel connected and accountable to a learning community.  We’ve designed our course from the ground up to create this experience.

Learning groups blend digestible and practical content, live coaching sessions, and social engagement with peers, all of which intrinsically motivate learners.  You’ll learn alongside like-minded colleagues with diverse backgrounds and come away with insights you can put into practice right away.  Connection Culture Learning Groups will help you create deeper engagement, stronger performance, and greater fulfillment.

In this third phase, we’ll lead your internal Connection Culture coaches through our online workshop in learning groups. They’ll develop a Connection Culture mindset and gain the tools to train all your employees. Developing internal Connection Culture coaches is a key step to owning the process of becoming a Connection Culture.


To develop a true Connection Culture, your individual contributors have to see it modeled at the top, catch the vision, and carry the culture forward in their everyday work. 

In the fourth phase, we’ll help you deploy your internal Connection Culture coaches to lead your people through our online workshop in learning groups, and we'll be right there by your side. With our socially engaging learning groups, your internal coaches will champion the cause, giving your people the mindset and skills they need to promote connection throughout the entire organization.


In the fifth phase, you’ll conduct a follow-up assessment with the Connection Culture Inventory to track gains and target further Connection Culture initiatives. We’ll help you deploy the assessment, track progress against your goals, and identify the next strategic initiative.

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