Connection Culture Academy

The 6-week course you need to create a magnetic company culture,
elevate employee engagement and reach your greatest potential

With Dr. Todd Hall + Michael Lee Stallard


Did your company have a lackluster year?

Has your team been striving for the last two years to hit the same sales goal with no real forward movement? Are your employees and coworkers checked out? Does a bonus only energize them for a short time? Are they more motivated to check Instagram than to carry out the organization's mission?
What about you? How are you feeling?
Do you feel overwhelmed? Stretched too thin? Confused about how to build a team that is engaged, productive, and innovative?
You're not alone.

In fact, 87% of employees around the world aren't motivated to give their best at work. Why? They don't feel seen, heard, or valued in their workplace. They don't feel connected.
If your team or people aren't performing, don't worry. We're here to give you a fresh start.

Or maybe your group is heading into a time of change and you know that promoting a healthy culture will be vital to get through the transition.

The Connection Culture Academy is for people just like you.

This is a course for leaders with big dreams, who want to build a vibrant work culture – the kind to which people are proud to belong and happily give their best efforts.
It's for people ready to make the impact they desire and to take their business to the next level of revenue.

What exactly is the connection Culture academy?

The Connection Culture Academy is a 6-week cohort-based online course with three coaching calls, created by us, Dr. Todd Hall + Michael Lee Stallard.
This course is designed to transform your organization's culture through the most powerful, yet often overlooked, strategy: human connection.
Through true connection, using our simple and memorable 3V framework of Vision + Value+ Voice, you're guaranteed to make meaningful progress towards even your boldest goals.
(We should know. We've helped some of the world's leading organizations, including Costco, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and NASA, do just that).

Each week you'll Get


To help you create a Connection Culture, take your business to the next level, and increase your insight as a leader, there will be several short videos for you to watch each week for the 6-week duration of the course.


This isn't just another one of those courses that bombards you with loads of time-consuming information you have to learn totally on your own. Throughout the course, we'll be interacting with you in the course platform. We will also provide three group coaching calls so we can answer your specific questions.


During the course you'll complete  assessments to discover your core motivations and learn how to leverage your team's motivational energy. You'll also learn how to deploy our Connection Culture Pulse to understand instantly what's working, what's not, and what to do about it.


As part of your membership, you’ll have access to our online, private community for Connection Culture Academy members. Here you can share your thoughts, connect with other like-minded leaders, and ask questions. This is an amazing group of world-changers with diverse expertise and perspectives from all over the world. Like you, they’re eager to help, connect, share wisdom, and grow.


In order to grow as a leader, you’ve got to take action, try new things, and reflect on what you’ve learned. Each week you’ll engage in activities designed to help you do just that. Encountering obstacles when you try new things is part of going from “good” to “great.” But getting stuck doesn’t have to be inevitable. We’ll be right there with you every step of the way. During our coaching calls and in our online community platform you’ll get feedback and real-world solutions from your peers and from us as your leaders.

Curriculum overview

Each cohort runs for six weeks. Here is the breakdown of our 6-week curriculum.
Upon Sign-up
Once you sign up, you will get instant access to the Welcome module to help you get oriented to the course. This will include an overview of the course, a walk-through of the platform, and dates for our three group coaching calls.
Why Organizations Thrive
On the course launch date, you'll get access to Week 1 course material where we lay out the blueprint for what causes organizations to thrive. We'll share some compelling cases that will inspire you. You will be introduced in our private online community. During our initial kick-off call at the end of this week, you'll have the opportunity to connect and get to know other members of your cohort.
How to Create Dialogue that Drives a Connection Culture
This week is all about listening!
There is tremendous wisdom in your people as a whole. They are a gold mine of information and it's critical that you learn how to tap into that. We will show you how to create a safe environment so your colleagues and employees will tell you what you need to know to improve the culture and to develop sustained high performance.
How to Communicate an Inspiring Vision
How do you create a company as magnetic as Apple? We'll unpack this and talk about how you can create a company vision that employees are proud to support, and how to help people stay connected to the vision. We'll have our second of three coaching calls at the end of this week.
How to Help People Feel Valued
We will walk you through the seven human needs to thrive at work: respect, recognition, belonging, autonomy, personal growth, meaning, and progress. We'll look at how you can actually put these into practice so every single person in your organization feels like he or she is contributing to the vision in a meaningful way.
How to Give People a Voice
Typically, the overwhelming majority of employees feel that senior management does not value their contributions, including their ideas and opinions. We'll show you how you can change that, and create a Pixar-like culture, rich with innovation and creativity.
How to Give People a Voice, Continued
In week 6, we will continue to explore the topics presented in week 5 and summarize the course material. To close out our time together, we'll host our final coaching call to ensure you're equipped to forge ahead with confidence to implement all you've learned.

We have an exclusive interview with a fabulous Connected Leader that will inspire you and show you how to create connection and elevate engagement. We also have some additional bonuses we'll share inside the Academy.


   “Anyone interested in developing their skills and abilities to lead others should go through the Connection Culture Academy. You'll come away with the essential ingredients for leadership excellence. As one who relies on teamwork for the safety and welfare of others, applying Connection Culture principles is a must!

—Brian Ellis, Lieutenant, Sacramento Police Department
   “The Academy provides a roadmap for leaders to bring Connection Culture into their own companies. It allows people to connect to each other, share experiences, and reflect on really deep questions regarding how to bring Vision, Value and Voice into their own organizations. My experience was really rich.

—Brenda Vallieu, Leadership Coach and Trainer
   “What I realized through the Academy is the connection piece that ties to trust. It seems obvious, but it was a huge aha for me that without that connection you can’t have trust and without trust, you have all the dysfunctions of the team. It really made a soft skill very tangible for me.”

—Erica Swiatek, Lead Dev. Specialist, Delaware North


Michael Stallard

I spent most of my career working on Wall Street.

I'd commute every day from Connecticut to Manhattan. Needless to say, I didn't have time for friends. Even on the weekends, I found myself unable to stop thinking about work. I was physically home, but mentally I was back at the office, trying to figure out how to make some challenging mergers work.  After awhile, despite being surrounded by coworkers and my loving family, I became very lonely and didn't feel well.

Eventually I left Wall Street and took time to heal. It was during that time that I really looked at culture in organizations, and how it can impact productivity, longevity within a career, and a person's overall well-being. What I learned led me to co-found Connection Culture Group. This is also why we created the Connection Culture Academy.

I invite you to join us. We'd love to show you how you can avoid wasting years of your life in toxic cultures and how to create a vibrant, healthy Connection Culture.

Dr. Todd Hall

I know the pain of disconnection.

When I was growing up, my mom struggled with depression and mental illness, and left the family after my fourth grade year. While this experience was painful, it led me to pursue connection in my own life and to study how connection impacts well-being and organizational culture.

As a psychologist in the Army, I experienced the power of connection in shaping work cultures. I saw first-hand that commanders who developed a shared identity, empathy, and understanding in their unit performed the best. I started trying to crack the code so I could help commanders implement best practices and build high-performing units.

Since my Army days, I've continued this work through research, coaching, and consultation. What I've learned along the way led me to co-found Connection Culture Group and to develop the Connection Culture Academy. We've helped leading global brands to elevate performance by increasing connection and employee engagement, and we can help you too!

I'd love to have you join our next cohort. Sign up today and we'll show you how to break through to new levels of engagement and performance.

this is the very same framework that has been pivotal in improving the culture and engagement for our private clients.

   “One theme runs through all our achievements. That theme is TCU's culture of unity, connection, and community.”

—Victor Boschini, Chancellor, Texas Christian University

We are spending 45% less time with friends.
Only 30% of us have a best friend at work.
And guess what? We spend 1/3 of our life at work.
We don't want to be a debbie downer, but our world has become a lonely, disconnected place.
We truly believe this is one reason why 47% of Americans are struggling with some form of addiction, and 61% of Americans report feeling lonely. Disconnection is also the underlying reason why many organizations never reach their full potential.
It's time for us as leaders to change the way we connect at work.
Join us and we'll show you how to make this year your best year yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to show up at a certain time?

Only for group coaching calls! We will give you a complete call schedule after you sign up. If for some reason you can't make one of the calls, we will also record it so you can listen in at a later time. Otherwise, every Monday a new week's worth of content will be released within the Academy, so you can go through it at your own pace.

I'm so BUSY! Do I have to follow along or invest tons of time right now?

Even though the classes are released weekly, you can login anytime (forever) and work at your own pace. That said, if you want to follow along, you should plan to spend 30 minutues to 1 hour each week learning, and 1-2 hours implementing, depending on the lesson and the complexity of what you're putting into practice. The good news? We all know the pain of being busy. And we're doing this together. If you ever feel overwhelmed, we're here to help you get back on track.

Is there a group discussion?

Yes! We have 3 group coaching calls and a private community for our cohort built into the course platform where you can ask questions, and give and get feedback from us and your fellow Academy members. You'll get instant access to this right when you sign up.

Will I be able to access the Academy lessons later?

Yes! You can login and access The Connection Culture Academy anytime, even after the program is complete.

Are you going to offer this again?

We do plan to offer future cohorts, however, we have not set specific dates at this point.

Will I get a private consult on my business?

Private consulting is not available as part of the Academy at this time. However, we do have 3 group coaching calls where you can ask us specific questions. In addition, we'll be interacting with you in the platform throughout the 6-week course so there will be lots of opportunities to get input from us and your cohort members.

What's your refund policy?

We're confident if you engage in the course and do the work, you'll get meaningful results. However, if you go through all the week one and two lessons, and do all the assigned homework for those first two weeks, and you're not happy with the results you're seeing, contact us within the first two weeks and we will refund your money for the course, no questions asked. Of course, our goal is to help you move the needle in building a Connection Culture, so if you get stuck along the way, reach out to us inside the course and we'll help you move forward.

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