Kare Anderson: Connection Hero

May 22, 2015
Katie Russell
Connection Heroes

This week we celebrate Kare Anderson as a connection hero. In his book, The Road to Character, David Brooks describes resume virtues and eulogy virtues. Kare's resume virtues include Emmy award winner, former Wall Street Journal and NBC reporter, TED speaker, author, sought-after speaker and thought leader, etc., etc. etc. Her accomplishments are numerous.

To see Kare in light of her achievements, however, is to miss what makes her a truly extraordinary integrative thinker and connector of people and ideas that contribute to the greater good. To get a glimpse of this side of Kare, watch the remarkable vision she casts in this TED video.


You can learn more about Kare at her website or by reading her Forbes.com or Huffington Post articles. Also, check out the Forbes.com article Michael Lee Stallard and Kare wrote about saving corporations from de-humanization

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